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Choosing a Practice Management Software can be a tough decision with many factors to consider.
Here are some common FAQs to help you explore how DentalEMR can work for you.

How long does it take to have DentalEMR running in my practice?

DentalEMR is plug and play, giving your team access as soon as 24 business hours after your service start date begins. Most practices spend anywhere between 1-2 months getting fully immersed and comfortable with DentalEMR. Our training and onboarding process is adaptable to your practices needs and capacity.

How do we handle our existing patient records if we move to DentalEMR?

Every software is different and handles patient data in different ways, making successful and complete data migration a challenge. While most practices choose to maintain a read-only license in their old PMS for existing data and start fresh with DentalEMR, our team is happy to discuss additional options for data migration to ensure continuity of care and successful implementation.

What kind of support can I expect from DentalEMR?

DentalEMR Academy provides ongoing training and support tools for new and existing team members to master skills. Our Practice Success team is also available via in-app chat support to communicate with you in real time or between your practice’s busy workflows, so you’re not stuck waiting on hold.

Is my x-ray sensor/scanner compatible with DentalEMR?

All TWAIN-driver x-ray sensors, intra-oral cameras, and desktop scanners are compatible with DentalEMR. At this time, supported CBCT scanning devices include J.Morita, Planmeca and specific models of Carestream.

Are there any physical hardware or operating system requirements for DentalEMR?

DentalEMR does not require any physical hardware or installation and is readily available on any device with a web browser and internet connection, which expands accessibility through cellular connections or hotspotting if your practice internet goes down, and to Mac OS devices. It is good to keep in mind that most x-ray systems require Windows OS so it is possible you will need to work off of a Windows computer in your clinical operatories for best performance.

So, how much does it cost?

We’re redefining “get the biggest bang for your buck!”.

Unlike traditional server models (where you pay an enormous amount upfront for equipment and software license, just to be stuck with that software version for years until you’re ready to fork over another $20,000 for the latest version), our subscription-based system offers continual security updates, seamless backups, regular feature upgrades, and responsive real-time support. Which means you get the workflow enhancements without the wait! With our pricing, you get full transparency and value-packed service all in one. No more hidden fees associated with server management.

Our team can offer you a tailored quote based on your unique practice needs. Here’s a glimpse of what DentalEMR typically costs: the average DEMR practice invests less than 1% of its net revenue into DentalEMR to oversee complete practice management. To put it in perspective, DentalEMR’s cost is less than half that of a standard root canal. Just seeing one additional patient per month easily covers the expense of managing your entire practice. It’s a trade-off that pays off handsomely!

Experience the unparalleled value of DentalEMR – the smart, affordable choice for elevating your practice.


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