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Build Long-Lasting Referral Relationships

Why a Web-based Referral Portal is so important

Integrating a web-based referral portal for your Endodontic practice can streamline tasks like tracking referrals, sending report letters in real-time, sharing CBCT’s and even tracking long-term referral revenue. This is especially important because Endodontists rely on a referral-based business model which is simply NOT support with a General Dentist-focused software. Through integration, Endo offices can enhance efficiency and accuracy in managing these referred patient records. 

Streamlining Referrals Using Integrated Software

Referral systems help coordinate patient care between healthcare providers – but what often gets overlooked is the importance of accessibility by the referring dentists to get the patient updates they need, when they need them – and without technical barriers. This kind of open communication helps to build long-lasting and trusted referral relationships. An integrated referral portal, such as the one provided by DentalEMR, simplifies the process by enabling secure, real-time communication and eliminates issues like missed notifications or expired links.

Key Features of Web-based Referral Portal

When looking for a software provider that offers a referral portal, here are some of the key features to ask for:

  1. HIPAA Compliant and secure communication: First and foremost you want to ensure that you can securely share patient information. Most email providers are not HIPAA compliant so this can be problematic when sharing protected health information on a daily basis.
  2. Referral Tracking: Helps your team stay in the know of the most recent referrals that require your care and attention now.
  3. Real-time Automatic Updates: Notifying your referring dentists via email when a new report or update is ready for them to review is critical for ensuring they are kept in the loop in real-time. 
  4. User Friendly Portal: Offers your referring dentists the ability to log in at any time to catch up on reports or updates they missed and even send referred patient information to your practice. A self-service portal can empower your referring dentists to take charge of their updates, instead of just relying on email updates and phone calls to retrieve this information. 
  5. CBCT Sharing: In many treatment cases, it may be necessary to share the CT scan in its entirety with your referring dentists. Having a web-based portal, allows you more freedom to do so without the waste of flash drives. 
  6. Paperless Documentation: Save money on paper waste and postage with electronic communication that is efficient, and cost effective. 
  7. Referral Report Templating: Spend less time writing your reports by streamlining your everyday content into customizable templates. 
  8. Referral Revenue Tracking: Stay in the know of your best performing referring dentists in your area so you can focus your marketing efforts efficiently.

These features work together to not only enhance the efficiency of your referral management but to make a meaningful impact on your referral relationships.

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