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SaaS vs Server Software for Endodontic Practices

Comparing SaaS and server software for Endodontic practices reveals that SaaS offers benefits like web accessibility, automatic backups, lower ransomware risk, easier scalability, and cost-effective bundled services, making it a convenient and secure option for busy practitioners.

Key Takeaways:

  • SaaS provides web-based accessibility, automatic backups, and lower ransomware risk.
  • Scalability is easier with SaaS compared to server software.
  • SaaS offers cost-effective bundled services.
  • Server software requires on-site installation and manual backups.
  • The risk of ransomware attacks is higher with server software.
  • Initial investment for server software includes hardware and license costs.
  • SaaS simplifies security and regulatory compliance measures.
Web SaaS Server
Web-based application, accessible over internet/cellular.
Desktop client application running locally on computer.
Installation Requirements
No installed client software. No physical hardware requirements.
Installed on computers meeting hardware requirements. I.e. Windows, Server, Storage.
Remote Access
24/7 access from any device to support remote team members.
Will require remoting software to access server data offsite.
HIPAA Backups
Automatic backups to the cloud server and daily updates included in most services.
Daily backups required using a backup server off-site, managed by you or your IT support.
HIPAA Liabilities
You are responsible for securing any peripheral PHI stored or downloaded OUTSIDE the PMS.
You are responsible for securing all PHI data stored on your local server.
Ransomware Risk
Web-based applications do not have administrative access at the practice level, minimizing the chances of a ransomware kidnapping your data.
Much higher risk as malware is much more likely to gain access to your server administrator stored locally in your practice through a Phishing email.
Routine Updates
Updates delivered automatically without additional effort or installations.
New updates available in updated software with license purchase.
Uptime and Reliability
99.9% uptime. Relying on state of the art cloud servers, and internet/cellular/hotspots.
Depends on the level of IT maintenance you have dedicated to maintain your server.
Real-time updates as the industry changes to help you grow. Adding new users and locations can be done in user settings.
Adding new users and new locations often costs more, and requires extensive physical hardware prep and install.
Regulatory Compliance
Utilizes secure and compliant data storage with routine monitoring and redundancies.
Depends on the level of IT maintenance you have dedicated to maintain your server.
Real-time support, usually accessible within the web application.
Support via phone or email. Often an additional cost.
Services are usually bundled to be more cost effective.
Often require costly add-on services.
Ongoing tax-deductible subscription with an upfront set-up fee.
Substantial upfront investment in server hardware, and license costs. Add-on/maintenance services are charged monthly. Additional investments are made again when your server needs replacement, you add locations/users or you are ready to purchase the latest software license.

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