Dental EMR - Your Magic Wand for your Endodontic, Oral Surgery and Dental Practice
Less Paperwork, Happier Patients, Staff and Dentist
Quicker Scheduling & Appointment Reminders
Real-time playbook that optimizes your dental office and clinical management

• Supports the smallest to the largest of endodontic practices
• View Appointment Book by doctor, operatory, location & more
• See any changes for any location in real time
• Appointment Book syncs up with all of your offices
• Recoup and recover lost revenue due to no-shows via our Automated Appointment Reminders
• Save tremondous amounts of valuable time through our Online Patient Registration Form

Schedule and view your appointment book from anywhere anytime all in real-time

Entering Treatment Notes are now faster and simpler!
Go paperless and increase your office efficiency and accuracy

• Simplified One-Screen Access to a Patient's Entire Visit
• Quickly input procedures, treatment plans, referral notes, codes, etc. with simple clicks
• Customizable Medical Alerts to provide best care to your patients
• Patient Note Templates for quicker charting
• Direct Connection with Sensors and Intraoral Cameras
• Storage for Xrays & CBCT with Built-in Image Viewing Tool
• Improves the accuracy of your record-keeping
• Increases efficiency because digital records are easier to organize and update than paper records
• Handle Consent Forms Electronically to speed up intake and treatments which helps you make more money!

Dental EMR has made it both easy and efficient way to document patient care and charts

Billing made easy!
Automated billing, insurance and collection tools to boost productivity and profitability

• Supports Multiple Fee Schedules using a smart ADA code engine
• Doctor clicks on completed procedure and dental procedures are posted to patient's record and ledger
• Propose Treatments in Phases
• Verify Insurance Eligibility & Remaining Available Benefits
• Create a claim, validate it & send it electronically from Dental EMR
• Track Outstanding Claims & Receive Payments Sooner
• Patient Invoicing & Credit Card Processing
• Increase your Collections through our easy-to-read Billing Ledgers

Dental EMR handles the billing and invoicing needs for your dental practice and office

Save Time with ePrescriptions
Conveniently prescribe from our dental practice management app

• Medication Template Database to populate popular meds
• Print prescriptions on prescription pads
• Store all prescription information automatically in each patient's chart
• Send electronic prescriptions directly to pharmacies, even when you're away from the office
• Reduces likelihood of paperwork errors
• Seamless experience for your office and patients

Prescribe medications using Dental EMR

Referring Dentist Portal & Referral Reports
Cultivate and grow your referrals and your profitability

• Referral Center to receive referral patients via online portal
• See which patients have been referred but not seen for treatment
• Generate treatment reports from templates sent to your referral

Evaluate your Practice Performance
Monitor every aspect of your dental practice through dynamic real-time financial reports

• View earnings by date range & category
• Detailed Production Reports
• Interactive AR Aging & Collection Reports
• Identify trends in your dental practice without needing a CPA
• Helps you improve operations & make your practice more profitable

Complete production reporting helps you track sales and identify trends

Mobile Functionality - Access your Practice on the go!
Take your practice with you no matter where you are

• Instant secure remote access to your practice: anytime - anywhere - any device
• Stay current on your appointments & schedule openings
• Access patient details, prescriptions, treatment plans & analytics
• No patient data stored on mobile device so no one can access sensitive information if you misplace device

Instant Access to Practice Data from Smartphone or Mobile Device

High-Grade Security
Bank-level encryption technology to safeguard and protect data

• HIPAA Compliant
• 2 Step User Authentication
• Permission levels to control each user's access to data
• Audit Trails
• Auto-Log Out after Idling

Dental EMR is secure and HIPAA compliant

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