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Can we transfer existing patient data from our current practice management software?

A migration is the transfer of your data from your existing dental practice management software to Dental EMR, our dental software. The migration team at Dental EMR will assist in the transfer of your data. We can transfer various information depending on the dental software you currently use.

What are the steps involved in moving to Dental EMR?
1. First your dedicated account manager will discuss with you what dental software and what version of the software you are currently using.
2. A backup of your data will be needed by the migration team to setup a preliminary Dental EMR account.
3. Once the data has been transferred to the preliminary Dental EMR account you will have a data review with your account manager who will go through the data with you and review how the data has migrated.
4. You will be given access to the data so you can carefully review it against the data on your old system to make sure there are no discrepancies.
5. Your account manager will verify your data review and address any questions you may have.
6. The data to be migrated will be agreed upon by both parties.
7. A date will be set for going live on Dental EMR and a final migration will be done the day before going live to ensure you have up-to-date practice data for Dental EMR.

How can I get assistance exporting my data?

Your account manager will be able to prepare you for the data migration. You can email them at

How long does it take to perform the migration?

When you request a migration a consultation will take place between you and our migration team to agree upon the timeline. The timeline depends upon certain variables including the software you are using, exporting the data via remote access etc.

Migrations are booked on a first-come-first-served basis and the wait time can vary depending on the volume of the requests at that time.

What can I bring over to Dental EMR from my current dental practice management software?

The data available for migration will depend upon your current dental software. We are generally able to import patient records, practitioners, appointments and treatment histories.

The consultation call with the migration team will provide you more insight into the migration data experience.

What can I not bring over to Dental EMR from my dental practice management software?

This depends on your current dental software. The consultation call with the migration team will provide you more insight into the migration data experience.

We are unable to import historical accounting information and invoices. We suggest choosing a date you wish to move forward and bring your balances over to Dental EMR once the migration team has successfully migrated.
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