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Is this HIPAA compliant?

Dental EMR software products and services meet or exceed industry standards with respect to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ('HIPAA').

Dental EMR is committed to maintaining a secure computing environment for its customers. Dental EMR will follow all pertinent federal regulations related to information confidentiality. We have measures currently in place to safeguard customer data. These measures support our clients’ compliance with HIPAA. Dental EMR provides tools in the software products to support our customer’s HIPAA compliance.

Dental EMR software systems reside on HIPAA compliant hosting that has been audited and 100% compy with the Department of Health and Human Service's HIPAA standard. We use a relational database that employs a secure login process requiring a user name and password. The client is responsible for safeguarding all user passwords and changing them as needed. Users are assigned to roles, each with certain access rights, which may include the ability to edit and add data or may limit access to data. When a user adds or modifies data within the database, a record is made that includes which data were changed, the user ID, and the date and time the changes were made. This establishes an audit trail and a retrospective analysis of any change to the database that can be examined by authorized system administrators.

A Dental EMR manager oversees healthcare regulatory affairs including HIPAA regulations. This individual reviews the pertinent regulations, conducts Dental EMR employee training and maintains the Dental EMR HIPAA documentation. Dental EMR has policies that govern all data security matters within Dental EMR and with our customers. Dental EMR employees receive training regarding their responsibility for patient privacy under the HIPAA regulations. Our employees, consultants and advisors are all under a written confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, the provisions of which are strictly enforced.

HIPAA requires health care providers to enter into 'business associate' contracts with certain businesses to which they disclose patient health information. Dental EMR is prepared to comply with all provisions of the Business Associate contract as provided for in the HIPAA privacy and security rules.
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