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Your Annual Recurring Savings Your Monthly Recurring Savings
Eligibility $ $
New Patient Paperwork $ $
Appointment Reminder $ $


Congratulations you can save up to $50,000 upfront for your new dental practice by using Dental EMR, the patient practice management software and solutions, to run all operations of your dental practice. How is this possible?
+ No servers or server closets will be needed
+ No longer need to purchase/upgrade expensive computers and hardware
+ No longer pay annual imaging software maintenance fees to sensor companies
+ No annual maintenance or hidden fees with us
+ No need for IT specialists
+ No longer be responsible for your own onsite/offsite back-ups
+ No worries about losing data to burglary, theft, fire, water damage
+ Dental EMR members receive exclusive special savings and deals from partner vendors and equipment manufacturers for your new practice

Dental EMR sets itself apart from other management systems because:
+ No upfront software or server hardware to purchase is required
+ Instant setup and simple to use
+ Zero Maintenance: Always updated with no hassle maintained with 99.99% uptime guarantees, full backups and security
+ Access your practice and patient data and clinical records from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop (PC/MAC/iPhone/iPad/Android) allowing you to be more efficient and responsive to your patients
+ Easily Receive Referrals from General Dentists and send them reports through our portal
+ Paperless workflow that ensures greater efficiency and productivity
+ Protect your patient data and comply with HIPAA regulations
+ Instant support for you and your staff through our in-app messenger

Rather than waste time on-hold with an insurance company or check every insurance website for eligibility, why not use DentalEMR’s integrated insurance eligibility verification to simplify the process and save you an average of $ per year! Simply verify insurance coverage directly from the patient’s chart to reduce wasted time, headache and frustration.

In your practice, seeing more new patients means the potential for more production, but why waste time with traditional paperwork? With DentalEMR, you can send digital paperwork to your patient immediately after making their first appointment. What's even better? Patient information is submitted and securely integrated into the patient chart, reducing liability, mistakes and time wasted transcribing information. With digital paperwork, new patients spend less time in the waiting room and more time in the treatment chair. After all, time in the waiting room is wasted doctor time. Your practice could be saving $ each year by eliminating traditional paperwork!

Your time is valuable, so don’t risk missed appointments and no-shows! On average, your practice is losing $ each year because of missed appointments. Ensure patient attendance with DentalEMR’s appointment reminders. You can send email reminders directly to the patient and receive feedback to confirm or cancel their appointment. Wasted time on these daily tasks may not appear to be a threat to your office, but on an annual basis, it accumulates to major losses in your bottom line. Find out how the DentalEMR works to help you find the weaknesses in your practice and increase efficiency!

Want to learn how we can help take your practice to the next level? Simply reply to the email you'll receive or schedule a time for us to have a quick chat at https://calendly.com/dentalemr