Improve Your Endodontic Website’s Search Ranking

General dentists are looking for endodontic offices to refer to. Patients are looking to see who does endodontic treatments in their area and who is best.  It’s not enough to have a good website for your endodontic practice. Your customers also have to be able to find you online, and they find you by online searches.

Are they finding you?

In the past, websites would tell search engines how to be found by providing the search keywords they should be listed under, but those days are long gone. Now search engines regularly ‘read’ the content on each website and decide for themselves, based on each website’s content and other criteria, which websites should be included in search results for each unique user search.

Your website’s search ranking matters

Being included in results for searches by potential customers doesn’t, however, mean they can find you because the order of websites in results strongly affects their ‘visibility’ to searchers. Those at the top of the first page of search results, for example, are seen by the most searchers, whereas those farther down the list, especially on subsequent pages, are seen by far fewer. The order of results, or their ranking, also can affect their perceived credibility. Those ranked near first in order are often perceived as ‘largest’, ‘major’, ‘industry leaders’, and therefore potentially more ‘trusted’. Further, major search engines like Google also group local, similar businesses together then show only the first few business with the highest ranking.

Regular, new content improves ranking

While search engines use a complex set of criteria to determine search result rankings, a major determining factor is how dynamic each website’s content is. Adding fresh, relevant content frequently can improve a website’s search ranking.

How often to add fresh, relevant content to a business website to provide a meaningful boost in its ranking depends on the number of competitors that also show up in search results.

General dentists have many competitors in each local area. To meaningfully improve their search order ranking, it is not uncommon for them to have to provide fresh, relevant content to their website on at least a weekly basis.

In contrast, there are fewer specialty dental providers like endodontists in these same local areas. In fact, it is not uncommon for an entire mid-sized market to have a number of endodontic practices on the order of tens instead of hundreds. As a result, monthly postings of fresh, relevant content on an endodontic website can provide a meaningful boost to its search rankings, moving it towards being in the top few results.

Climb to the Top and Be Seen

Winning customers requires both having the right message, then getting it to them. Help general dentists and patients looking for endodontists to find you by both being included in their search results and as close to the top of the results as possible. For your endodontic practice, adding new content on a monthly basis is usually sufficient to move you towards the top. After all, if you’re not at the top, someone else will be.

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