Endodontic Update to Dental Practice Management Software

Endodontic Practice Management Software – Dental EMR Update:


Read below to see all the brilliant value-add features and benefits we’ve now incorporated into our endodontic software thanks to our wonderful community! These latest toys are released with our newest version of Dental EMR. Our principle from the start has been to stay loyal to our users (endodontists, staff, patients, referring dentists) and listen so that we can solve their problems. We are blessed to have a community that has been so supportive as we continue to evolve and create a harmonious system that streamlines all the processes and workflows in your endodontic practice to make your day-to-day as frictionless as possible. If you are reading this, we’d love for you to join our family and the movement:

↪ Failure to followup may cause delayed or missing diagnoses or treatment. We’ve cured this problem head-on for your office and your patients.

You’ll now notice a new REMINDERS icon in the left panel. This is where your endodontic office can see which patients to follow up with and makes it easy to see what’s in the pipeline and who to contact and bring to the office. Great way to fill up your schedule!

Endodontic Dental Practice Management Software Patient Followup Reminders and Recalls

Setting patient followup reminders is easy. After you finish a chart note (encounter), in the followup section, you can designate when you’d like the patient to come in next. For instance, if a patient has a periapical lesion and the doctor wants to do a one-year followup to see if the treatment is successful and the lesion has healed. Why is this wonderful? It ensures that you are on top of your patient’s health, and is also a great practice booster because if the lesion doesn’t heal, then the doctor may elect to do supplementary procedures if indicated, like an apicoectomy. A win-win!

↪Speed up your new patient intake process

Yes, we do provide online patient registration that can be sent directly to the patient before their appointment. But wait, what happens if the patient walks in and forgot to fill out the online patient registration? No problem! Now the office can hand the patient an iPad and the patient can fill out their intake form right there. It’s so convenient for everyone!

Endodontic Dental Practice Management Software Kiosk iPad Mode for Patient Registrations

Your office receptionist will now see a KIOSK icon in the left panel. Here, they can click assign to choose a patient and provide that patient with their respective PIN key to punch into the iPad. This will enable the patient to securely fill out their medical history and automatically deposit it into their chart. Talk about major time-saving for the staff! Plus, if your office saves 5-10 minutes of time for every patient and you see 5 new patients a day, that’s 1 extra hour a day that you are recovering that you initially were losing! Because you’ve recovering lost time and you’ll have patients quicker in your chair, you can complete another root canal ($1500)! More production for the office is good for you and good for your staff (more bonuses!), right?

↪Easier Appointment Creation and Navigation

• When creating new appointments, you can now easily search for patients to fill your schedule.

Endodontic Dental Practice Management Software Patient Appointment

• Your appointment and patient charts are now linked. If you click on an existing appointment in your schedule, it’ll take you directly to their chart. This saves you time from having to search for the chart.Endodontic Dental Practice Management Software Patient Chart

↪Treatment Entry is Lightening Fast. Faster than ever before!

Entering treatments into the system just got easier. Quite frankly, maybe even more easier than other endodontic practice management softwares. Inside the encounter, as soon as you start typing, it’ll suggest procedures and their ADA codes. For instance, type in “molar” and the system will give your assistant recommendations. This way, you and your staff don’t have to remember the ADA Dental Codes.

Endodontic Dental Practice Management Software

↪Acquiring and viewing images using your sensor is even more seamless and streamlined before.

Minimizing clicks has always been our mantra and focus. It has been one of our communities’ biggest complaints with other endodontic practice management softwares. Because we listen, we have redesigned and redeveloped our in-app Imaging Module from the ground up.

Check out how you can now take multiple xrays continuously and is automatically entered into the system without any extra clicks or middle-man software to jump hoops through. Our new imaging interface is more robust and versatile helping you also run filters to manipulate the image if needed.

Endodontic Dental Practice Management Software XRay Imaging Viewer

Another HUGE advantage (we repeat HUGE) for you is that because Dental EMR provides you with an integrated imaging module, these are the immediate benefits to you:

•works with any xray sensor
•eliminates a need for imaging software that xray vendors sell to you
•save chair time as with Dental EMR, your xray images roll right into the software. No more bridges or middle man software that xray companies force you to use and pay for!

Because of this, you can say goodbye to those xray companies that charge you recurring fees just to use their archaic imaging software that’s no longer needed or required. Good riddance! We’re all about saving you more money. And the more money we save you and the more money we make for you is more in the bank for you and your staff! How about that?!

↪Enhanced Built-In Image Viewer Integration

Say goodbye to the days of having a separate imaging viewer program run alongside your practice management software. No more middle man software needed or having to pay for recurring imaging support and subscriptions from your xray vendors. We have made things much more simpler for you and saved you money! You can now change contrast/brightness, take measurements, and run filters right from within your practice management software.

↪Increase your Referrals & Strengthen Communication with Referring Dentists through our electronic report generator

• Want to receive referral cases and be able to send the reports all electronically? Now it’s possible. Create an External Practice (under Settings) and give to your referring dentists. Here they can send you cases. They can also receive your reports. Your practice is alerted when a new referral comes into your inbox and displays how many new referrals you have to tend to.

• Spend less time creating reports to send back to your general dentists. Forget the days of spending time writing and finishing notes during lunch, after-hours or on the weekends. With our template feature, you can automatically generate reports and select images to include the electronic report that will be sent out. You’ll soon also have the option to print it out if the dentist prefers to have a written copy.

Endodontic Referral Report Dental Software System

Endodontic Practice Software

Have an endodontic office? Dental EMR has got your back! We are more than just your typical software company, we are something more than that. We turn your problems into ours with our turnkey solutions. Our mutual goal is to help you save time and money and help reduce the stresses of the daily workflows for you and your staff. How do we do this for you?

We help your endodontic practice from its inception to ordering dental supplies, your equipment needs, building your referral base, to handling your appointments and processing billing and insurance claims. You name it, we have you covered with our all-inclusive white glove service. We will prove to you that why endodontists are turning to us to save them both time and money and increase their products within their endodontic practice with our dental practice management solutions.